Community Engagement

The core of our work involves conducting national assessments and collecting data, and in some cases locally, representative data from households, schools and local leadership and releasing the reports to the public and policy debates and spaces of interaction between citizens and leaders. Usawa Agenda also pursues more direct (re)presentation of facts and evidence in decision-making platforms including   in parliamentary committee on education, teacher and parents associations and other taskforces formed to think through education in general for direct persuasion. Media is always critical platform in bringing citizens and leaders together.

We engage with policy actors and with the public to influence and promote evidence based policies and practices that once implemented; they will result into improved and more equitable learning outcomes. We use various participatory approaches to engage with communities and local leaders by sharing reports and assessment findings to create awareness on the status of learning outcomes among children.

We aim to trigger public discussions about quality education and related challenges and stimulate community and leaders’ responses for collective action to improve pupils’ attendance in school and learning outcomes. The evidence from the assessments, research and innovations also inform decision making and related educational practices. Through these engagements, parents and communities become stronger partners of the schools at the local level to engage and contribute to improved learning competencies. The engagement also leads to advocacy of two kinds at the national and sub-national roots level.

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