Transformative Approach

Usawa Agenda envisions a world where every child benefits from quality education. We believe that informed and motivated citizens are the most powerful agents of sustainable change. We view citizen agency as both a goal in itself and an effective means to improve service delivery and public resource management. The organisational ‘Theory of Change’ informs and underpins everything we do at Usawa Agenda; centering citizen agency in building public pressure that will then trigger actions to improve equity and quality of learning and reaction from policymakers.

WHEN granular yet largescale, robust, and independent evidence on learning levels, their distribution and their drivers are regularly generated and applied by an inclusive, locally embedded but globally connected coalition of actors to inform policy, practice, programming, and investment decisions, through innovation, partnerships, and evidence-based advocacy, THEN we can enhance education justice for every child and achieve improved and just learning outcomes.

Our Development Partners