Usawa Agenda works with volunteers to reach communities to assess learning and to engage. We have thousands of current and former volunteers spread across the country. We have sought to achieve the following objectives through the use of volunteers in our work:

  1. Raise awareness in the communities about our work, mission and vision. Since these volunteers are members of the communities we work in, getting them to deeply understand what we do and why is essential in community mobilization to support our ambitious mission, which cannot be attained without full understanding and support of the communities across the country;
  2. Nurture the spirit of volunteerism, which enhances people’s sense of civic responsibility and encourages them to start to find solutions to their normal day collective problems without external intervention;
  3. Develop local level thought leaders, who can help their communities to start to frame their local problems and visualize appropriate local solutions that they can implement with minimal external support;
  4. Engage with the local communities in languages that they can understand best, through agents that they are completely familiar with and can trust fully as a way to unearth and address insidious and subterranean societal problems; and
  5. Achieve great impact with minimal financial resources by harnessing the power within local communities to solve their own problems.